Jabring Bengal Kittens

Kittens Available

Double Grand Ch Usian Bolt and Ch Meeka and
Double Grand Ch Usian Bolt and Ch Zanui.

Our babies are growing up.

Our beautiful little girl

Male, Purple Collar

Male, Green Collar

Male, Orange Collar

Male, Pink Collar

Our kittens make excellent pets and companions and indeed do tend to be an important member of the household.  Our kittens are usually sold before they are born. When people have visited and are approved by us, and want a kitten, we put you on a waiting list. When the kittens are born we match up people’s orders and their ‘wish list’ and allocate a (not yet chosen) kitten. A deposit is paid at this stage. We then allocate kittens bases on what people want as the kittens get older. Obviously breeding kittens and show kittens are selected first.

You are welcome to  meet the kittens we have available. You can also meet their parents and see if a Bengal its the right breed for you.

How the adoption process works

To begin the adoption process:

1. Get in touch with Jabring Bengals
2. Come and visit our Cattery
3. Place a deposit to reserve your kitten
4. At 12-14 weeks old your kitten is ready to come home

Prices and Deposits

Deposits are $500 which secures your kitten (non-refundable)

We are happy for you to enter into a payment arrangement to pay the balance however the balance must be paid prior to your kitten leaving our cattery.

If your kitten is to fly home the balance must be paid 4 days prior to your kittens flight.

Our pet kittens are $1800 each

We do freight kittens anywhere. We arrange all transport to ensure the safe arrival of your kitten. The welfare of the kitten is paramount and will have a bearing of the route (and therefore the cost) the cat will fly. (POA)

Taking your new kitten home

All of our kittens are well socialised, litter trained, and raised in a home environment so they are ready to smoothly come home with you.

What comes in your kitten care pack:

Pet Insurance valid for 6 weeks
1 Bag of Kitty Litter
Lifetime breeder support
Vaccination Card & Certificate
Little kitten towel with the kittens scent on it
1 Bag of kitten food currently feeding on
Desex Certificate
Vet Checked
Health Certificate
Nail Clipped

2Kg Bag of Royal Canin dry kitten food
Kitten information kit from Royal Canin with wet food pouches
Fully documented & Certified Vet Health Check. Signed & Dated.
All age appropriate Vaccinations are carried out via a certified vet
Microchip ID Number + Full transfer into new owners name prior to departure
Litter Box Trained
Regularly Wormed
Weaned and eating solids
Socialised with dogs
Socialised with children

Important to know

Kittens are only sold to approved homes. To people willing to provide the right environment and the many years of love these beautiful kittens deserve. Remember Bengals are not cats that can live outside. They are fine outside with supervision but are not suitable to be out at night. This is due to the fact that they are super hunters. Responsible cat owners have their cats inside or in outdoor runs unless they are supervised. They are great indoor cats. We only sell to people who will keep their cat inside. Of course they can go outside under supervision (if your yard is well contained) but they are such good hunters they would do too much damage outside.
They are easy to train to walk on a lead and harness. And you do look very cool in the park with your little leopard walking with you.

Book a time to meet our kittens

You are welcome to come down and meet the kittens we have available.
You can also meet their parents and see if its the right breed for you.

E-mail: jabringbengals1@gmail.com
Phone: 0362043238  or  0418 296 914